August 31, 2022

By Deane Barker
barbell, rower, skier, bike
10 Cal Ski
10 Cal Row
10 Cal Bike

1 Deadlift in between each movement (315)

This is my usual cardio workout, which I normally do as an EMOM. However, this time I worked straight through, with deadlifts in between movement (movements, not rounds – so 30 deadlifts).

This may sound dumb, but I was surprised at how much the deadlifts took out of me. Not in a cardio sense – my lungs were fine – but my arms and legs felt like jelly when I came off the bar. I was biking at less than a 200 watt pace, which is about half of what I normally do. And my ski and row were both sub-1,000 cals, which is way off for me too.

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