I’ve been working out at CrossFit Sioux Falls since 2012. In 2014, I became a “Level 1” certified CrossFit coach. Since 2015, I’ve run the open gym on Sundays.

I make up a lot of workouts.

In addition to the Sunday workout, my schedule means I end up working out by myself a lot (I workout alone far more than I do with a class, unfortunately). And my teenage daughter also works out at the gym, and she’s constantly asking me for workouts.

So, in late 2020, I started collecting selected workouts here. This is a combination of (1) workouts I’ve written for others (mainly for Sunday open gym), and (2) workouts I’ve done on my own.

A couple notes:

Finally, it might be worth reading a related blog post called “Doing CrossFit” where I make the argument that CrossFit isn’t really a concrete thing, so calling something a “CrossFit workout” doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Enjoy. Stay safe.

January 20, 2021
heavy barbell, overhead bar
January 18, 2021
30+ min
rower, skier, kettlebell, ab mat
January 17, 2021
rower, skier, bike, heavy barbell
January 15, 2021
15min (?)
barbell, ab mat
January 13, 2021
rower, bike, heavy barbell
January 12, 2021
rower, skier, bike
January 9, 2021
rower, skier, bike
January 8, 2021
16min work, 15min rest
overhead bar
January 6, 2021
overhead bar
January 5, 2021
rower, heavy barbell
January 2, 2021
skier, kettlebell
December 30, 2020
rower, bike, heavy barbell
December 28, 2020
30 min
rower, kettlebell, box jump, overhead bar, plate
December 27, 2020
30 mins
wall ball, barbell, rower, overhead bar
December 22, 2020
box, overhead bar, dumbbell, bike
December 19, 2020
rower, kettlebell, ab mat, jump rope
December 14, 2020
rower, skier, bike
December 13, 2020
heavy barbell, overhead bar, wall ball, bike
December 11, 2020
heavy barbell
December 9, 2020
overhead bar
December 6, 2020
25-30 mins
December 5, 2020
barbell, ab mat
December 4, 2020
Less than 10min
rower, kettlebell
December 3, 2020
barbell, overhead bar
December 2, 2020
15-17 min
skier, bike, kettlebell, overhead bar
November 29, 2020
30 min
rower, skier, bike, heavy barbell
November 22, 2020
barbell, ab mat, barbell, rower, skier
November 15, 2020
barbell, rower, overhead bar, skier, bike
November 8, 2020
rowser, skier, med ball, barbell, kettlebell
October 25, 2020
rower, barbell, skier, bike
October 11, 2020
rower, overhead bar, skier
August 30, 2020
jump rope, rower, ad mat, kettlebell