August 14, 2022

By Deane Barker
ME Bench Press (225)
50' Heavy Box/Sled Push
ME Barbell Row (155)
50' Heavy Box/Sled Push

Well, I finally did it. After 10 years of working out at CrossFit Sioux Falls, I finally passed out.

I was eight rounds into this. I had been scaling up the weight on the sled push. I started with one 45# plate, then added a 25#, then another 10#, then I just went to two 45# plates.

It was insanely difficult to push. Getting from start to finish took about 30 seconds of ridiculous effort. (Note: we push on a wooden Rogue box. So, imagine pushing a Rogue box, lengthwise, on a rubber mat floor with two 45# plates on it.)

After about three rounds at this weight, I got the end of the push, and sank forward on my knees, then flopped into my stomach with my forehead on my arm. I was right in front of a fan, and I was thinking the fan felt amazing.

I knew I needed to get up, but I couldn’t get my arms to move. They felt like they were moving away from my body. And then I could smell burning rubber from the bottom of the box.

…and then someone else in the gym (a nurse), was next to me asking me I was okay. I have no idea how long I was out.


But, for the record, I reduced the sled weight to one 45# plate, and finished the final two rounds.

Good times.

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