July 4, 2022

barbell, wall ball, ab mat, rower, skier
Independence Day Chipper

With a partner (or two?)

1776m Row
74 T2B/Sit-Ups
56 Burpees Over the Bar
13 Very Heavy Deadlifts
74 Wall Balls
1776m Ski

Deadlifts should be at least 85% of your 1RM
Do as many T2B and HSPU as possible before scaling to Sit-Ups and HRPU

I’ve run the July 4 workout at the gym for about seven years now. It’s always some variation of this rep count.

It’s always an in-out scheme.

The fastest team was done in 28 minutes. I did it with two beginners (so, a team of 3), and we got done in 34 something.

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