June 20, 2022

Every 2:00 for 20 minutes
5 Double KB Swings
5 Double KB Squats
5 Double KB Strict Press

A friend post this to Facebook. I thought I’d try it. (He started with KB pushups, but those just looked like a broken wrist waiting to happen, so I substituted HRPU.)

It did not go well.

I could not get the hang of two kettlebells. I had never done double KB swings, and it was a mess. You can only go eye level, and it’s a lot of weight. Additionally, you have to make sure you don’t crack your knees with them, since two of them passing through your legs can be…well, wide. In particular, stopping is weird – it’s a lot of mass and momentum that you have to bring to a halt, and you only have one hand on each, which doesn’t give you a huge amount of control.

The double KB squats were hard because I couldn’t get my hands right. I couldn’t just clean them normally, because they were too far out in front. So I had to throw them over my shoulder. I couldn’t do two of them at once like this, so I had to clean them one at a time. Cleaning a second one when you already have one over your shoulder is awkward. Also, this is more weight than you think it’s gonna be.

Finally, the hand transition to the strict press was hard. To get the front squats right, I had to basically have the KB handle on my fingertips. To strict press, I had to get the handle back to my palm, and I couldn’t do this without putting the damn things back down and lifting them up again.

I didn’t even get one round at 55# x 2. So I dropped to 45#. That went a little better, but the hand thing was still off, and it was a rough 70 seconds or so.

I finally abandoned the doubles, and got a single 70#. I did normal KB swings, goblet squats, and then single arm KB push press. But it was still too much.

I went down to a single 55# and got a few more rounds.

I eventually quit in disgust and left the gym humiliated.

I think I was just off this day. The two KBs were hard, but I feel like I should have been able to figure out the single.

Rough, rough day.

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