June 1, 2022

By Deane Barker
KB Sit-Ups (each arm)
Burpees Over the Bar

Deadlift weight should be a decent triple weight

I originally made this for my daughter. She asked what I called it, and I said “Be In Pain And Then Die.”

She confirmed the title was accurate.

Then I did it myself. Good Lord, this sucked.

I did the deadlifts at 275, and KB sit-ups started at 35, but then I had to reduce to 25 after the round of 7 because my abs were simply failing at the end, and I was kicking my legs to get up.

Weirdly, what sucked was going from the KB sit-ups to the burpees. You’ve just been straight-arming a KB, so your triceps were stressed, then you drop into that first burpee and get a hell of a surprise – the ground comes up pretty fast.

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