May 19, 2022

skier, wall ball, med ball
7 rounds
15 Cal Ski
10 Heavy Wall Balls (30#)
5 Over-the-Shoulder Med Ball Cleans (100#)

I was thinking yesterday that I do too many five-rounders, so I punched this one out to seven.

I averaged about four minutes a round. The first round only took 2.5 minutes, so only God knows how long rounds six and seven were taking.

The med ball cleans blew up my lower back. I moved really close to the wall on the wall balls to take stress off it.

I also learned a handy tip – when doing a med ball clean, straddle the ball. Like, stand completely over the ball when you pull it off the ground – one foot on either side of the ball. This makes it a lot easier, and moves the stress to your hamstrings and glutes, where it should be, rather than your lower back.

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