April 19, 2022

By Deane Barker
25 mins (?)
rower, ab mat, barbell, KB
400m row
26 Deadlifts (135)
400m row
26 KBS
400m row
26 Power Cleans
400m row
26 Push-Ups
400m row
26 Sit-ups
400m row
26 S2OH

A friend told me about a 12-round workout of 26 reps and a 400m run between each. I decided to try something along those lines, but with a row – and half the movements.

This was a lot. The power cleans and S2OH slowed everything way down. Bodyweight work would have been much easier.

I didn’t time this, but I’m guessing it was 25 mins? Each row was probably 90 seconds to two minutes. Some movements were fast (sit-ups, KBS), but others (the barbell work) took a lot longer.

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