January 30, 2022

30+ min
rower, heavy barbell
Row x 50m/40m
Burpees Over the Bar
Barbell Reps

10, 9, 8: Deadlift
7, 6: Clean
5, 4: Clean and Jerk
3, 2: Snatch
1: Squat Clean Thruster

Pick your own weights, but make them challenging. Deadlifts should take you 2-3 sets, at least. From there, the weight should be heavy enough that you have to do singles.

I programmed this for a Sunday. Only a few people did it, but it was pretty brutal.

A guy who is in great shape did it for time. He used:

His weights were honest. He was doing the deadlifts in two sets, then everything else as singles.

Took him 26 mins, which translates to 30+ for anyone else. At least. This would likely take me 35.

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