January 29, 2022

Barbell, rower, box, KB
With a partner

10x each
1 Snatch @ 85%
3 Pull-Ups

Run 800m together

10x each
1 Clean and Jerk @ 85%
5 Box Jumps

Row 1600m (split)

10x each
1 Clean @ 85%

The weight should be a difficult single! Make it challenging

Attempts count! If you miss the lift, just keep moving.

This was a Saturday partner WOD.

This is a variation on a format I’ve done a number times. Everyone loved this. Like, people were tracking me down afterwards to tell me how much they loved it.

I think people like the shortness of the rounds, and the change to move heavy weight. They also like that attempts count, and they can pick their own weight.

Really popular workout.

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