December 19, 2021

By Deane Barker
50 Cal Row
40 Sit Ups
30 Push Ups
20 Deadlifts (185)
10 Squat Cleans (185)
...and back up

So here’s the thing – I didn’t finish this workout because I hurt my back in the middle of it.

I got all the way “down” – through the squat cleans – but on deadlift #6 (the second set, on the way back up), I pulled something in my lower back and had to stop.

Two days later, I am on Celebrex for pain.

It’s not a bad workout. The problem with my back was totally random (it happens every couple of months). I stand by the workout.

I went down at about 15:30, and was just past halfway, on my way back up, so I estimate it’s a 30 minute workout.

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