December 14, 2021

By Deane Barker
30min AMRAP
1 Squat Clean (155)
1 Bench Press (225)
1 Strict Pull-Up

I don’t know why I thought this up, but it was effective. I wanted to do the squat cleans at 185#, but I hadn’t cleaned in a while, so I backed it down.

I got 33 rounds, so a little better than one per minute. As I was working, I was keeping track by how “far ahead” I was – how much better was I than one per minute? I got “one ahead” pretty quickly, and then “two ahead” by about minute 13 (so I had done 15 rounds). Then I got “three ahead” in the 20s and stayed there.

The bench press was heavy, but the bar only moves about 10 inches, so it was rest. The squat clean and the pull-up were the hard ones – the squat clean was cardio, and the pull-up was pure strength.

I’m gonna feel that in the morning.

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