January 23, 2021

rower, skier, bike, ab mat, kettlebell
One movement EMOM for 30min
10 Cal Ski
10 Cal Bike
10 Cal Row
10 Sit-Ups
10 Heavy Goblet Squats (70/45)

You'll go through the list six times.

I do the ski/bike/row combo all the time for 10 rounds, but decided to put a couple other movements in here for fun.

The sit-ups were quick and a bit of a rest. But the goblet squats were rough. They were fast (20-25 sec), but they’re heavy, and it was a push each time. Lactic burn is delayed, so I just went as fast as I could – it didn’t start hurting until rep 7-8 and by then you’re almost done.

The transition back to the ski wasn’t great, because that’s naturally slow (30-40 sec), so the goblet-squat-to-ski couplet was the worst.

I got the time wrong, and I thought this was done after five complete rounds. But at the end of round five, I was only at 25 min or so, and that’s when I realized it was actually six rounds.

Morale was pretty low during that last round.

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