January 18, 2021

By Deane Barker
30+ min
rower, skier, kettlebell, ab mat
Ski x 50m (500m, then 450m, etc.)
Heavy KBS


Row x 50m

Kettlebell should be one step heavier than usual. This means 70/45 for most people.

This took me way longer than I expected. I did it in 32:31, but I’m a very good rower and skier due to my height and upper body strength, so this is a rare case where I’m probably going to be faster than most people.

This is mostly a row and ski. It’s 2,750 meters of each, with some brief breaks of some other stuff.

Consider that I can do a 5,000m row in about 20:00 flat, which means that a 5,500m row will be about 22:00. And a ski is slower than a row. So, I’m estimating I was on the machines for 25 minutes, and doing the other stuff (and transitions) for about 7 minutes.

It wiped me out. Almost pure cardio.

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