January 17, 2021

rower, skier, bike, heavy barbell
15 Cal Row
12 Deadlift (155/105)
15 Cal Ski
9 Hang Power Clean
15 Cal Bike
6 Push Jerk

This is a variation of the hero workout DT. DT is three movements per round – the DL, the HPC, and the Push Jerk – which I broke apart with some cardio.

I shortened it to four rounds, rather than the five in DT, which I was worried was going to be too short, but it wasn’t. This took people a significant amount of time.

Not a single person did this at 155 (that’s the standard DT weight). The heaviest anyone went was 135.

I programmed this for a Sunday – I didn’t do it myself. But people always seem to like cardio work mixed with barbells.

Trivia: “DT” was named for Timothy Davis, an airman killed in action. The nickname is mentioned in this article. I assume it’s his initials, last name first.

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