January 13, 2021

rower, bike, heavy barbell
15 Cal Bike
5 Power Cleans (185)

15 Cal Row
5 Push Jerk (135)

This was that really crappy intersection of cardio and heavy weight. I did something similar a couple weeks ago, but the barbell was lighter (135/95) and for more reps (10).

For the first part, the cleans were the problem – I was taking 45-60 seconds to get them done. The bike was easy.

For the second part, the barbell work was quick, but the row was murder. And this is because I had wiped myself out on power cleans beforehand. A row, remember, is basically a horizontal clean – the movement is basically the same. So if you’ve done a bunch of cleans, you’re not gonna have a great time rowing.

I have never rowed slower in my life. My split pace was down around 600-700 cals. I would pull on the handle, and there was just nothing there.

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