January 12, 2021

rower, skier, bike
100 Cal Ski
100 Cal Row
100 Cal Bike

I’ve done this in 10 cal increments two different ways: (1) rotating 10 cals on each machine at a time as an EMOM; or (2) straight through, just rotating through all three machines, 10 cals at a time.

I figured, “It should be faster, just doing 100 calls on each machine, because you only have two transitions, rather than 29.”

It was not faster.

Running straight through, 10 cals at a time, I’ve done it in 21:06 or something. This scheme – 100 cals on each machine, took me 22:50.

The bike was the time killer:

I did the machines in that order, so clearly by the bike, I was pretty wiped. That 100 cal bike was the loneliest, most miserable thing I think I’ve ever done.

So, really surprised that this took longer. I guess when you do it 10 cals as a time, you can maintain a faster pace. Transitions give you rest, I guess? And different machines work different muscles?

No idea, but I was really surprised at the result.

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