January 6, 2021

overhead bar
Every 2min for 24min
15 Squats
10 Push-Ups
5 Pull-Ups

This is, of course, 12 rounds of Cindy, just spaced out in two-minute intervals.

There’s a story here –

Cindy is 20 full minutes of the above. My (very old) PR is 13+7, which is a round about every 90 seconds. I’d like to break this PR, so I figured I’d start with 2:00 intervals and see how that went.

I started with 45-second rounds. I think my last one was about 1:20.

It was too easy in the beginning, but it caught up with me. Through 6-7 rounds, it was not hard. I was originally going to do 10 rounds, then I figured I could go for 15…then I realized 12 was enough.

I finally broke the push-ups in round 9. I broke the air squats in round 11. Towards the end, the pull-ups were singles.

I’ll back off the rest a bit next time, and see how I do.

Update: A couple weeks after this, I did 10 rounds at a 1:50 interval. It went okay. The push-ups got quite a bit harder. I broke them at round 7, I think.

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