January 5, 2021

rower, heavy barbell
Every 2 min for 30 min
15 Cal Row
1 Heavy Clean and Jerk

The C&J should be 80%+. It should be a weight at which you cannot get a double. (Hint: it should be more of a cardio drain than the row.)

You should not work past 1:15 each round. If you go over 1:15 more than a few times, back the row down 1-2 cal until you get back under 1:15.

This one will absolutely catch up to you at the tail end. It was easy at first, but got way more difficult in the last 10 minutes. Even if you go all the way out to 1:15, those 45 seconds of rest end far too quickly.

It’s technically a forced cadence, but I let the athlete “settle” a little by capping the work at 1:15. Slower rowers will drop to 10-12 cals, I think.

A lot of this workout depends on “weight honesty” – how honest you are with your 80% calculation. If you fudge the 80%, it will be very easy. If you’re honest with that number, it will be as difficult as it’s intended. You really shouldn’t be about to “pop” the jerk up from the clean – if you can go directly from the clean to the jerk without a pause and re-dip, then you’re not using enough weight.

I did it at 185. I can pop this straight from the clean to the jerk when I’m fresh, but only once, maybe twice. After that, I need to clean, set, and then jerk.

(My all-time max C&J is 240, which would put 80% at 192. But I haven’t hit 240 in several years. My realistic max C&J right now is about 225, which puts 80% at 180.)

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