December 28, 2020

By Deane Barker
Start every 3 min, 10x

10 Cal Row
10 Burpees to Plate
10 Reps of:

R1/6: Pull-ups
R2/7: KBS (55/35)
R3/8: Box Jumps (24/20)
R4/9: V-Ups
R5/10: Plate G2OH (45/25)

Hold at 10/10/10 for as long as you can stay under 2:15 per round. The first time you miss 2:15, drop one rep for the remaining rounds (to 9/9/9, then 8/8/8, etc.)

If you're scoring, your score would be the number of rounds you stayed at 10.

This is a “forced cadence” workout, which can be hard to program because it’s hard to find something that works for everyone. With a set amount of work in a set amount of time, some people will be sitting around while others are struggling.

I put some “self-leveling” instructions in there to hopefully let the workout “settle” down to what the athlete is capable of.

There’s no men/women split on the row because they’re balanced by the burpees. Bigger, taller people who do well on the row will get murdered by the burpees, and vice-versa, so it evens out.

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