November 22, 2020

By Deane Barker
30 Push-ups
30 Back Squats (95/65; from the floor)
30 Sit-Ups
800m Run

20 Push-Ups
20 Back Squats
20 Sit-Ups
600/500m Row

10 Push-ups
10 Back Squats
10 Sit-ups
400/300m Ski

Finisher: One burpee for every second over 2 min on the final Ski (ex: 2:19 = 19 burpees)

I should have made the finisher more strict here. I don’t think anyone had to do any burpees. 1:40 would be a better target time.

But, everyone did go hard on the final ski to try and beat the penalty, so mission accomplished for that.

You could substitute any cardio in here for the finisher at the end of every round.

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