February 4, 2024

By Deane Barker
15 Cal Bike
10 Dumbbell Snatches (50#)

I used this to work on my hand transitions when cycling dumbbell snatches. I’ve never been good at switching hands at the top – I usually set the dumbbell down, which isn’t great. It slows you down and gets you out of position.

But I got through all 10 rounds (total 100 reps) doing mid-air transitions, which was awesome. It makes the reps go by so much quicker. The trick is that you hand them off just after you lock out at the top – so if you lock out with your right hand, you immediately reach up with your left, and sort of “drop” the dumbbell into your left hand.

Good workout. Going back to the bike after the snatches was wildly unpleasant.

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