September 16, 2022

overhead bar, barbell
Push-Ups x 2
Strict Pull-Ups
Suitcase Deadlift (135)

I had never done a “suitcase deadlift” before today.

I didn’t even know it existed until I saw it on Bill Maeda’s Instagram this morning. They’re just like they sound – you stand next to the bar (not behind it), and pick it up in one hand like a suitcase.

When splitting the odd-numbered rounds, I did the higher number with my off-hand (left).

They’re pretty intense. 135# in one hand – especially your off-hand – is a grip issue, compounded by the fact that a standard bar has no knurling in the middle (I’ll tape the bar next time). I did most of them as singles, because the bar gets unbalanced and see-saws quite a bit. You need to watch your outside knee, because it wants to buckle inward.

One hour out from the workout, and I can feel this one in the lower back. My obliques are going to be a disaster tomorrow.

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