September 3, 2021

By Deane Barker
wall ball, bike
10 wall balls
16 cal bike

So, I did not write the original version of this workout. This workout was posted at the gym as 150 wall balls, with a 16 cal bike every 2:00.

I would not attempt that (coincidentally, this workout happened on my 50th birthday).

So, I just divided the total work up into rounds. It was still a mess. Towards the end, the bike was taking me more than 2:00, so it would have been the workout that never ended had I attempted the original. At one point, I think I was biking at 120 watts. I didn’t even know the bike went this low.

It took forever. Forty-five minutes is about 3:00 per round, which is about right. Completely fresh, a 16 cal bike is going to take me a full minute. Wiped out, it took much, much longer.

I was weirdly not sore the next day, though.

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