July 25, 2021

By Deane Barker
8 x 2min AMRAPs
8 reps of each movement
Push Press / Burpees Over Bar
Sit-Ups / Front Squats
Push-Ups / Hang Power Snatch
Thrusters / KBS

For each pair, do max reps (8/8) for 2:00, then rest 1:00 before doing the next pair.

Go through the list twice. On the second time through, reverse the order of movements.

Suggested weight: 95/65

This workout can be complicated to write down, but makes sense once you start it.

Once you finish the four pairs, start again from the top, with the two movements reversed (so, start with Burpees, then move to Push Press).

This is a killer of a workout – classic interval training. If you want to count reps, the trick is to keep a running count. For instance, if you get 29 reps in the first round, start counting the next round at 30. Do not start at zero and attempt to add. That never works well. (Math is hard with no oxygen.)

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