April 17, 2021

heavy barbell, rower, skier, bike
For Max Calories
10min Ski
10min Row
10min Bike

Every five minutes (at 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25), do FIVE heavy-ish Power Clean and Jerks.

This workout sucked, both because it was hard and because it was dumb.

I should have just done power cleans (no jerks), or lighter weight (I did them at 185; I should have done 155). The problem is that the cardio was really the lift – the ski, row, and bike turned out to be recovery.

My first round of barbell movements took less than a minute. My last round took about two-and-a-half-minutes. Then I would stumble back to a machine.

My cal counts plummeted

By the end, I was just wrecked, plodding along on the bike waiting for it to be over.

I should have backed off the weight. Lesson learned.

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