Episerver Type Conversion

tags: migrations, episerver, content modeling

Converting content types after content is created it always fraught with peril, but I think Episerver does a nice job of it.

In this image, we’re converting an “Article” type to a “Landing Page” type. Note that properties auto-map based on similar name, but some properties which are on Article but not on Landing Page (ex: “MainBody”) are set to “Remove property permanently,” which does just that.

Also, Episerver lets you do this on a subset of the repository (selector at the top), and it doesn’t actually do the conversion until you select the checkbox, so you can run a test and see what would actually happen before you pull the trigger.

(It’s worth noting too that this is an old UI for Episerver. It’s been around, unchanged, for years because it still works just as well.)

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