Movable Type White Paper

By Deane Barker

Late last year, I spoke at the Movable Type Idea Exchange. I was thrilled to do this because I have a long history with Movable Type – this blog ran on it for almost a decade, and I was huge in the MT community back in the early 2000s.

After the conference, sitting around over coffee with the MT guys, I pitched the idea of using MT as a decoupled CMS to manage the content of otherwise transactional applications.

Consider online banking, for instance – that’s a big, transactional system, but it still has content that has to be managed: error messages, help text, marketing pages, etc. How do you manage that without dropping a coupled CMS on top of it?

MT loved the idea and asked me to write some code and a white paper around the topic, which I did. I released the proof-of-concept code a couple months ago on GitHub as MT.Net.

The white paper is being released today: Managing Content in the Transactional Application (PDF).

You can download it free from MT’s website. The first part discusses the problem, and the second part explains how to effect the solution and some of the challenges you’re going to run into. There’s a lot to think about, and it’s good advice regardless of the CMS platform you use to do it.

Hope you enjoy it.

(I also need to mention that Bryan Ruby over at CMS Report wrote a very flattering post about it this morning. It’s worth reading too, but perhaps that’s just because he says really nice things about me…)

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