Kentico Kontent Web Spolight

From Issue #55

Kentico has had a web CMS for years. Then they built a new headless CMS from scratch.

Now they’ve released Web Spotlight, which brings them full circle.

Finally, website management in a headless CMS. Web Spotlight combines in-context website management with the flexibility and multi-channel support of a headless CMS.

So instead of adding headless support to their existing web CMS, they built a new headless CMS…and added web support to that.

Now, I don’t mean to be a cynic, but “website management in a headless CMS” sounds suspiciously like, well… a web CMS.

One has to wonder how much longer they’ll keep selling their existing web CMS (“Kentico Xperience”). I know they have a lot invested in it, but I have to assume their sales team will be trending towards Web Spotlight in web-centric deals.

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