The Content Management Bible Podcast

From Issue #48

I’ve started a podcast.

For the next couple years (!), I’ll be reading and analyzing the “Content Management Bible” by Bob Boiko, published around 2000 or so.

(It’s not on iTunes, because I don’t have an Apple ID. Apple is the last of the FAANG companies that knows nothing about me.)

I’ve posted an introduction to the podcast (14:23), and the actual introduction to the book (27:10). In the former, I explain my motivation behind the project and how I have very little idea of what I’m doing.

Bob is an acquaintance (he wrote the back cover quote for my first book), and he’s aware of the project. He’s amused by it and supportive of it.

He asked what my goals were, which forced me to articulate one –

I’m curious how content management has changed in 20 years. In any discipline, there are (1) transcendent challenges, and (2) the current way we solve them. What are the problems we struggle with? Can we trace these back to challenges we’ve been dealing with for decades, and does that help us re-formulate them and come to a solution?

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