Teamsite in 2020

From Issue #47

Interwoven Teamsite was one of the “old guard” CMSs, from the late 1990s. It limped into the new century, was acquired by Autonomy in 2009, which was acquired by HP in 2011. Finally, OpenText bought it in 2016.

I figured Teamsite was just drifting off into the abyss, and OpenText was reaping the long tail consulting and support contracts of customers who don’t want to move off it, and who can’t find anyone else to support it.

But someone told me last year that Teamsite was taking another run at the market. For fun, I visited the Teamsite home page at OpenText, and it’s certainly geared toward new sales.

Is this just the default position of every vendor, or could Teamsite actually be trying to re-enter the market? Did they ever leave? Have you heard anything about this?

Do tell.

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