Squirrel Notes #42

This issue was sent on February 17, 2020

  1. Preston So on the Key Problem in CMS Today

    “Preston So, formerly of Acquia and Gatsby, presently of Oracle , delivers a great article on what he calls ’The Second CMS War.‘ Off to the digital ...”

  2. Mark Demeny on the Fragmenting CMS Market

    “Mark Demeny is now at Contentful (from Sitecore). He wrote this great article last year about how the WCM market has fragmented. Should Web Content ...”

  3. Web Project Guide on Hosting and Partner Selection

    “We’re getting closer to wrapping up the Web Project Guide . We posted two new chapters this week, both related to CMS: Chapter 17: Plan for Hosting ...”

  4. The CMS at Vogue

    “Here’s Stuart Emmrich, the new editor at Vogue, on how he adapted to digital content: Had you used a CMS before? No. It was great. Someone said to ...”

  5. TextPattern and Dean Allen

    “I was reminded of TextPattern this week. This was a CMS built by Dean Allen , who was a beloved hacker of the early web. I exchanged a few emails ...”

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