The CMS at Vogue

From Issue #42

Here’s Stuart Emmrich, the new editor at Vogue, on how he adapted to digital content:

Had you used a CMS before?

No. It was great. Someone said to me, “It’s really hard. You’re gonna hate it, and after a week, you’re gonna love it and never want to go back.” It gives you incredible power over how things look. Once I understood that the digital reading experience was much different than the print one I’d grown up on, I realized if I came back to New York and worked full-time, I wanted it to be a digital job.

(No link, because that’s literally the only CMS thing in the article.)

Near as I can tell, Vogue is running WordPress, templated in React, with assets from an Adobe DAM.

Someone tweeted his comments, and the resulting thread is pretty funny.

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