Content Operations

This was sent in Issue #10 of Squirrel Notes on June 19, 2018.

When we talk of firms that “work with” a particular CMS, it’s usually always in the context of integrating them. Very few firms specialize in simply operating a CMS. This is the seemingly boring world of “content operations,” which is woefully under-valued.

I wrote about this a while back: The Need for Content Operations. It explains multiple sub-disciplines under the content operations umbrella. “Boring” things like:

These things are the never-ending, day-to-day management of content that get lost amidst the excitement of building something new. A friend from GatherContent told me that their marketing focus is turning towards these content operations requirements – how can they ease that burden for teams using a typical CMS?

Finally, my friend Hilary Marsh just published a Content Staffing Calculator (link goes to blog post; calculator link at the bottom) which helps you figure out just how big an operational team needs to be.

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