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I saw a demo of Apostrophe last week, which is one of the very few CMSs on Node.js.

I’m always interested how a CMS market develops in a new architecture. I talked about this six years back: Why Django and Rails CMS Are So Rare. Long story short: newer web frameworks were so efficient to develop with that there was no huge need for a packaged CMS.

But, back then, CMS was still largely about CRUD, and CMSs have become so much more, even since then. I’m curious to see what happens in the Node CMS market. Apostrophe was impressive, but what types of companies need a CMS on that stack, and what types of sites will they build?

One suspicion: Node specializes in IO throughput, and it appeals to developers who are likely more front-end focused than average . Will this drive that toward more visual composition tools with complex front-end interfaces, rather than heavy, back-end infrastructural systems?

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