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I literally picked up this book because I’ve always been intrigued by The Knowledge, which is the test of city geography that London’s black cab drivers have to pass before they get licensed. It’s considered one of the hardest tests in the world.

This book has very little to do with The Knowledge. In fact, it has barely anything to do with cab drivers. I’m annoyed by this both because of the title, and because the cover has a map of London and a black cab on it.

This is a Richard Jury mystery, which is apparently a popular series. Jury is a Scotland Yard detective, and the plot concerns two people murdered in London, and how the case stretches from there to Reno, Nevada and into Kenya and Tanzania.

Honestly, I was confused. I still barely understand the resolution of the mystery. Also, there was a wildly improbable plot thread of a 10-year-old girl that manages to smuggle herself into Africa on a commercial flight.

On the plus side, I enjoyed Grimes writing style. The chapters were short and time- and location-stamped, which is a format I really like. I would be inclined to read another one in the series, because it was quite easy to read.

But, again, I just didn’t understand the plot. If I did understand it – meaning, if the resolution in my head is correct – then it just wasn’t very good.

…and I’m still salty that it has nothing to do with The Knowledge.

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