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I belong to a Facebook group called Spybrary, which is for people who like spy novels and movies and such. Another member of the group is a guy named Payne Harrison, who I came to understand is a spy novelist.

He had mentioned that he was annoyed at a movie called SAS: Red Notice because the climax of that movie borrowed from his novel Eurostorm which published four years earlier.

So, I decided to read his novel.

I liked it. It’s a page-turner that combines some of my favorite formats: quick chapter sections that hop around the globe, and a beginning that starts with some random, unrelated thing that turns into so, so much more.

The story concerns the rebirth of the Nazi party – the “Fourth Reich” (what was the third you ask?) and a plot to hijack a bullet train (that’s the point that Harrison got annoyed about when it showed up in a movie four years later). There’s a slight science-fiction-y aspect I didn’t love, but it’s easy to get past.

I didn’t get the feeling that it was part of a series (I can’t tell – it might be). But, regardless, it stands alone well enough.

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