Dottir: My Journey to Becoming a Two-Time Crossfit Games Champion

Book review by Deane Barker tags: crossfit

This is a nice, lightweight autobiography of one of the greatest female CrossFit athletes of all time. It’s quite good for what it is – this doesn’t go particularly deep in anything, but if you like CrossFit, there’s a lot here for you.

The writing is prone to drama (Rory McKernan – the CrossFit commentator – is a co-author), which got a little tiring. But it reads quickly, and I quite enjoyed it.

Katrin is emotional. She admits this. In fact, a major theme in the book is her emotional state in relation to the sport, and how she struggled after losing her third bid in 2015. (She really dropped down the standings, before rebounding to 2nd in 2020.) She lost her grandmother somewhere along the way, which was devastating to her.

It’s a very human story. She doesn’t pull punches about her own failings, and I admired her for that.

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Katrin Davidsdottir

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