By Deane Barker

Definition: a German castle or manor house

This is the German version of a French chateau or an English country home.

Why I Looked It Up

A country home referred to as “the Schloss” was a location and plot point in the novel Reamde.

Then I encountered it again in an article about architecture called “It’s time to stop using “pastiche” as a pejorative term”:

This work of recovery was at the front of my mind when I recently visited the Humboldt Forum in Berlin, housed in the partly rebuilt Berliner Schloss.

The Berliner Schloss is picture. It looks vaguely castle-like – more like a traditional government building – but sits smack dab in the middle of Berlin. The original building dates from 1400s, but was demolished in 2009 and rebuilt, completed in 2020.

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