Stuff I Looked Up

By Deane Barker

I consume a lot of content, and I analyze things to death. As a result, I look up a lot of stuff.

For one month (August 2021), I decided to keep track of all the stuff I looked up. It came to almost 100 things. I enjoy researching and writing, so I’ve kept it up since then.

Some of these are things I had never heard of before. But a lot of them are things I “sort of knew.” I tend to figure out things from context a lot, and just fake my way through things. Many of the items below fit that category – stuff I was just faking or fudging, but finally decided to look up and settle.

If it’s just a single term, then I was looking up the definition. Its existence in the list doesn’t mean I was totally ignorant of the term, rather it means that I wasn’t totally sure I knew it, or was wondering if I had been wrong about it.

If I was trying to figure out something more specific, I have listed the more specific question answer below it.

I hope I’m smarter because of it. And I hope you enjoy it.

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