Cheese Plate: May 12, 2022

By Deane Barker

The five-cheese flight at Beecher’s in the Flatiron District of NYC. True story When I’m in NYC, I love Murray’s Cheese Bar in the West Village. I went there to find – to my horror – that it had closed (the huge cheese shop is still there, but the bar/restaurant has switched to a takeout format on the corner). Where else could I get a cheese plate? I remember going to Artisanal with my friend Karen once… nope, it also closed. I DM’d Karen like the commissioner throwing up a bat signal. She responded immediately like the Batman du Fromage and told me there was a Beecher’s in the Flatiron. As luck would have it, I was one block away. I was there in two minutes. I was not disappointed.

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