OMG That’s a Fine Cheese Plate

I love cheese plates. I order one whenever I see it on a menu.

In 2012, for no particular reason, I started taking pictures of them. I accumulated a bunch before I had the idea to create a photoblog for them. I put it on Tumblr, bought a domain, and OMG That’s a Fine Cheese Plate was born.

I’ve archived the pictures here. Tumblr doesn’t allow titles on photo posts, so I can only list them by date.

The volume of pictures for a given period usually corresponds with how much I’m traveling. Also note that I’ll sometimes save them up, then post them all at one time. If there are many pictures on a given day, know that the plates were likely consumed in the days previous to the listed date.

Occasionally people will send me pictures of their cheese plates, which I will happily post. And every once in a while, I find a picture on the internet which is worth posting. Also, my definition of “cheese plate” was flexible. Some of these are charcuterie boards, some are novelty items, and some are just about the joy of cheese in general.

These cheese plates have become something of a travel history for me. I can usually remember each one of them, including the trip I was on when I consumed it, and who I was with at the time.