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The Battle for Health Care Cost Savings
November 22, 2010

Case against Blue Cross shows difficulty of cutting health costs: I’ve been following this case for about a month now, it’s a good demonstration of how cutting health case costs is going to be harder…

The Conservative Case for Drug Price Controls?
January 24, 2016

Reading a book called Rise of the Robots about the increasing role of automation in our lives. The author takes a bit of a detour in the chapter on health care to discuss how the markets are broken….

Fixing the System
January 28, 2011

Lower Costs and Better Care for Neediest Patients: This is an amazingly interesting article about the possible future of health care. This is an actual, practical manifestation of the “let’s make…

How Companies Can Encourage Employee Health
June 20, 2009

How Safeway Is Cutting Health-Care Costs: Here’s an interesting article about what the supermarket chain Safeway is doing about health care costs. First, they start with an important point: the only…

My Appendectomy
August 1, 2009

I had lunch yesterday about noon. Somewhere around 2 p.m., I started to get intense abdominal pain – it was a burning/pressure-type pain high in my abdomen, just under my sternum. Eight hours later, I…

Why Health Care is So Expensive
June 7, 2009

This is brutal article, which, if accurate, is a damning indictment of the business of medicine. The Cost Conundrum The writer (a physician himself) went to McAllen, Texas, which has the highest cost…