October 10, 2021

30 min
Bike, Ab Mat, Overhead Bar
30 min AMRAP
Draw five cards
Order the cards high to low
(Aces are 11, face cards are 10)

FIRST (reps based on each card value):
Highest: Cal Bike
Next: Sit Ups
Next: Air Squats
Next: Push Ups
Lowest: Pull-Ups

SECOND (number of burpees)
High Card, 9 or less: 7
High Card, 10 or better: 6
Pair, 9 or less: 5
Pair, 10 or better: 4
Two Pair: 3
3 of a Kind: 2
Full House: 1
Anything better: 0

Go get another hand...

Note that there are a lot of 10s…

Of the 13 different cards in a suit, four of them are effectively 10s. This means that you’ll do exactly 10 reps about 30% of the time, and at least 10 (and sometimes 11) about 40% of the time.

(Once, while testing this workout, I pulled four face cards and a 10, which meant I did 10 reps of everything.)

I did some testing with a code simulation of a deck.

For the rep counts, I did several simulations of 1,000 draws, and these are the averages you’ll do for each movement:

This was incredibly consistent. To get any variation in these numbers, I had to reduce the number of test draws to less than 40 – anything over 40, and they invariably settled into these numbers.

At 10 draws, which is an entire deck, the individual rep counts changed by 1 in either direction, at most.

For the burpees, here are the average number of hands it takes to draw the following in five cards from a freshly shuffled deck (I did 50 iterations for each):

Anything over this got pretty rare. (In particular, drawing a natural Royal Flush took about 700,000 draws.) Each time I did this workout, I got through 7-8 hands. So you can expect a 3-4 pairs, and, if you’re lucky, two pair maybe once.

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