Humans Need Not Apply

tags: future

This video is stone-cold terrifying. It lays out the fundamental case for technological unemployment, and explains that (1) technology evolves faster than biology, and (2) economics always wins. Nothing will stop the march of the machines.

It walks through types of jobs, like simple labor, professional services, even the creative trades, and explains how each one is in danger of being replaced.

Yes, yes, The Luddite Fallacy says that there will always be new jobs, but this time appears to be different. At the end, the video shows the list of employment by industry segment, and notes that only #33 (computer programmer) is relatively new, which means that 45% of the jobs in the economy (jobs 1-32) are all ripe for replacement, and nothing will be coming in to take their place.

The bottom line:

We need to figure out what to do when large portions of the population are unemployable through no fault of their own.

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