On Full-Size Peripherals…

I have two daughters, both in nursing school (one is 19; the other, 22).

I realized the other day that they have no concept of a full-size keyboard and monitor anymore. They both have laptops, and they never connect them to external keyboards or monitors. They have desks, but they just use the laptops themselves. They never “dock” them anywhere.

And then there’s me – I consider any time I’m not at a full-size, external keyboard, mouse, and monitor as substandard. I found myself texting my wife today and saying, “I’ll respond more in-depth when I get to a keyboard…”

Back in the day, we had desktop towers. You had a full keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and for me, this is still the default. Anything less is… well, less, and I don’t feel fully capable.

Is this a generational thing? Or is a physical size thing – I’m a big guy, with big hands? Or is it just because I work at a keyboard all day?

Am I alone in this?

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