Activity 5: Personalization Application

You have a CMS that allows you to create segmentation groups from the following criteria:

Explain in a few sentences each, how you might accomplish the following:

  1. Human Resources would like to increase applications for a programming job
  2. Marketing would like to show promotional items to people who might be more interested in a tropical vacation
  3. Marketing is convinced that people using a certain technical aspect of Product A would be also be interested in buying Product B, and would like to show marketing promo items to this segment
  4. Research has shown that people are interested in different messaging when they’re research the product from home rather than from their office. Marketing would like to vary messaging based on where the visitor might be.
  5. A damaging news article appeared about your company in a national newspaper. Brand Communications wants to show a banner directing visitors to a message from your CEO if the visitor read this article