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In WordPress, one of the most common approaches for creating content is to make a Post. This is a great example of a CMS system that has a “bias” in that the interface is very much built around the task of creating content for publishing blog entries. In this case, the interface and the paradigms chosen by the product team are driven around meeting that publishing use case above all.

You’ll note that has interface elements driven around this publishing/blogging use case; Title, Categories, Tags, Analytics and number of Comments.

Often you hear from authors “Why can’t the editing interface be as easy as WordPress?” - without noting that often the content requirements are very different. For example, this isn’t a interface for creating multi-channel content, or content that needs to be deployed with many other items as part of a larger, coordinated, campaign. Other CMS systems may be more appropriate for those tasks, but the interface will also cater to those tasks and requirements, and as a necessity have other elements and functionality de-prioritized or missing.

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