Interwoven Teamsite Workflow Modeler

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Interwoven Teamsite had an extremely powerful (and complex) workflow engine, which has (to my knowledge, short of using an external BPM tool) not been matched in terms of functionality in any other CMS. In fact, since TeamSite, workflow capability in CMS systems has tended to veer more towards a simple gated publishing model by default (with the ability to customize).

A TeamSite workflow definition was actually an XML document which would contain the workflow definition and some simple logic for approval/rejection behavior and interface labels. These definitions were so complex that Interwoven actually created a visual tool for the creation and editing of these workflow XML files. However, in practice, this tool was actually rarely used in production as the generated XML contained extraneous information and normally workflows were created as a mix of XML snippets and Perl, which allowed scripting to make the workflow itself far more dynamic and useful.

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