The most important feature of a CMS is…

By Deane Barker

LinkedIn: Answers: What’s the most important feature that you look for in a CMS?: A simple question posed on the LinkedIn. Some good answers, and worth reading for a CMS junkie.


Community size and support, ease of use, expandability of the CMS, the amount of available “add ons”, licensing types, and most of all -SECURITY and how issues are handled when they arise. […]

Fit for purpose […]

I think ADAPTABILITY would need to be the most important feature – the ability for the user to have the system adapted to his/her requirements quickly and easily by the developer. […]

The single most important, and often overlooked, feature of any CMS is ease-of-use for content editors and other end users. […]

This one seems a little out in left field.

As a chief of technical development of our CMS (Xmanager) I may say that the most important feature of a CMS is semantic web and ontology compliance.

Wow. Seriously? That’s “the most important feature of a CMS”?

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